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Partial listing of Ron Tully hydroplane prints for sale:
Slo-mo-shun V

1951 Gold Cup Champion
Driver:  Lou Fageol
Average Speed:  90.871
August 4th - Lake Washington, Seattle


Gale V

1960 St Clair International Trophy
Driver:  Bill Cantrell
Average Speed:  94.077
July 24th - Lake St Clair, Michigan


Miss Thriftway of
Washington State

1956 Gold Cup Champion
Driver:  Bill Muncey
Average Speed:  96.552
September 1st - Detroit River, Michigan


Miss Smirnoff

1964 President's Cup
Driver:  Bill Cantrell
Average Speed:  108.346
September 13th - Potomac River, Washington D.C.


Miss Wahoo

1957 Mapes Trophy Race
Driver:  Mira Slovak
Average Speed:  94.068
July 21st - Lake Tahoe, California

Miss Bardahl 
"The Green Dragon"

1965 Gold Cup Champion
Driver:  Ron Musson
Average Speed:  103.132
August 8th - Lake Washington, Seattle


Hawaii Kai III
"The Pink Lady"

1958 Gold Cup Champion
Driver:  Jack Regas
Average Speed:  103.481
August 10th - Lake Washington, Seattle


Miss Exide
"The Happy Hydro"

1965 Diamond Cup
Driver:  Bill Brow
Average Speed:  107.144
July 11th - Lake Coeur d'Alene, Idaho


1958 Diamond Cup
Driver:  Bill Stead
Average Speed:  101.752
June 29th - Lake Coeur d'Alene, Idaho


Notre Dame

1966 President's Cup
Driver:  Rex Manchester
Average Speed:  96.826
June 19th - Potomac River, Washington D.C.

Miss Pay n'Save

1959 Apple Cup
Driver:  Chuck Hickling
Average Speed:  98.875
May 10th - Lake Chelan, Washington


Miss Eagle Electric
The "Screamin' Eagle"

1968 Dixie Cup
Driver:  Col. Warner Garner
Average Speed:  111.015
June 2nd - Guntersville Lake, Alabama


Miss Spokane
"Queen of the Inland Empire"

1959 Gold Cup
Driver:  Norm Evans  (5th)
Average Speed:  90.763
August 9th - Lake Washington, Seattle



1975 Gold Cup Champion
Driver:  George Henley
Average Speed:  108.921
July 27th - Columbia River, Tri-Cities


Miss Budweiser

1993 Gold Cup Champion
Driver: Chip Hanauer
Average Speed:  141.296
June 6th - Detroit River, Michigan

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