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Dragonscale Hydros

by Ken Olson
395 - 2019_RCU_Chenoweth_2515-XL.jpg

At Dragonscale Hydros we build the highest quality, lightest and strongest 1/6 Gas Scale Hydroplanes and Classic Thunderboats. This is an all carbon fiber hull made using the resin infusion process. This results in a part that has superior strength and weight characteristics to a hand laid part. This will be the strongest and lightest hull you will ever purchase. The hull fits many of the 1/6 Gas scale class hulls and also the Classic Thunderboat for both NAMBA and IMPBA. Hull typically weighs in at 7-8 lbs. 


Dragonscale Hydro hulls will fit scale hull #'s 5131, 5620, 5608, 5860, 5719, 5840, 5879, 5900, 5960, 6004, 6375, 6303, 6402, 6403, 6407, 6420, 6499, 6702, 6707, 6708, 6926 which will produce 80+ different paint schemes.


Veteran Owned

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