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Replacement B-17 Oil Cooler Inlet Parts

From this:
image 1.png
To this:
img. 3.png
img. 2.png

John Heutink, Retired, University of Washington Applied Physics Lab & Mechanical Engineering Instrument Maker

img. 5.png

We have built the replacement for the #4 engine oil cooler inlet, and would like to flight test on 3-5 airplanes. We will build them for engines 1, 2, and 3.

This CARBON FIBER part is vacuum bagged and oven- cured at 250 degrees. This includes the internal part of the scoop.

img. 4.png


per inlet 

Parts guaranteed for the remaining life of your airplane. With the first 6-12 months of flight test, IF NOT SATISFIED, RETURN FOR FULL REFUND.

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Cameron Aircraft (208) 640-1620
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