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T-6/SNJ Components 


  • Composite molds for forward and aft spinner, including masters and template 

  • Steel tooling for manufacturing spinner backing plates 

  • Set of original aluminum engine cowlings  

  • Original L/R Mae West

  • Original chrome spinner/backing plate 


The T-6 Texan single-engine trainer aircraft was used to train pilots for the US Air Force, the US Navy, and the British Royal Air Force, to name a few, during World War II up until the 1970s. In all, over 15,000 T-6 aircraft variants were built. Today, T-6’s are used in airshows and owned by private enthusiasts. 

Due to the aging of the T-6, owners need quality replacement parts. Currently, there are extremely limited suppliers and the parts carry a massive premium price and margins. The barrier to entry into the T-6 parts is the time and expense to replicate and reproduce the needed molds for fuselage parts. Cameron Aircraft has solved this business challenge with molds and masters that are ready for immediate parts production and introduction to the market. The ability to offer T-6 enthusiasts an alternative to the expensive after-market and replacement market is an important competitive advantage.  

With the niche T-6 market audience, customers can be efficiently and rapidly reached with basic internet digital marketing, ecommerce, and social media sites.  

Business advantages: 

  • Composite molds that can produce over 40* T-6 fuselage replacement parts. 

  • Time and expense of producing molds and masters is eliminated (estimated costs to produce is in excess of $45,000 -50,000.) 

  • The parts can be produced from readily available composite materials of fiberglass, carbon fiber and resins. 

  • Business can be producing revenue and income quickly. 

  • Ability to offer high margin parts at a better value (i.e. For example, a T-6 wing tip replacement part is over $800 to purchase. The cost of materials is under a $150). 

  • The T-6 parts offers a niche market with very little competition now or in the future. 


*Molds and parts incorporate several original parts into a single mold. 

(numbers and colors refer to diagram above)

Produce Fiber Glass Molds
  • Engine Cowling (green)

  • Mae West (Wheel Covers, green)

  1. Spinner Forward/Aft Graphite

  2. Side Panels

  3. Baggage doors (both kinds)

  4. Wing Attach Covers (two piece)

  5. Aft Fuselage Covers (one piece)

  6. Aft Fuselage Covers (one piece)

  7. Gear Doors (graphite)

  8. Fuselage Aft Access Door

9.  Lower Rudder Cover

10. Horizontal Stabilizer Fillet (three pieces)

11. Wing to Body Fillet (one piece)

12. Forward Wing Screen (one piece)

13. Wing Tips

14. 1/E Wing to Body Ring

16. Rudder

17. Elevator

T-6 spinner drawing.png

The following parts are included in the business:

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