T-6/SNJ Components 
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Cameron Aviation is offering for sale a package of tooling, masters and a complete set of molds to produce the following T-6/SNJ components. These composite molds can produce over 40 composite fuselage parts.


  • Composite molds for fwd and aft spinner, including masters and template

  • Steel tooling for manufacturing spinner backing plates

  • Set of aluminum engine cowlings

  • L/R Mae West

(numbers and colors refer to diagram above)

Produce Fiber Glass Molds
  • Engine Cowling (green)

  • Mae West (Wheel Covers, green)

  1. Spinner Forward/Aft Graphite

  2. Side Panels

  3. Baggage doors (both kinds)

  4. Wing Attach Covers (two piece)

  5. Aft Fuselage Covers (one piece)

  6. Aft Fuselage Covers (one piece)

  7. Gear Doors (graphite)

  8. Fuselage Aft Access Door

9.  Lower Rudder Cover

10. Horizontal Stabilizer Fillet (three pieces)

11. Wing to Body Fillet (one piece)

12. Forward Wing Screen (one piece)

13. Wing Tips

14. 1/E Wing to Body Ring

16. Rudder

17. Elevator

Call Murdo Cameron at (208) 640-1620
for more information and prices.


T-6/SNJ Parts for Sale

Mae West R/L
Tooling for steel spinner backing plate
FWD spinner molds/holding fixture
FWD/Aft carbon fiber spinner
Carbon fiber patterns templates
FWD spinner mold  & holding fixture
Engine cowling (complete)
Silicon pressure intensifier
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Call Murdo Cameron at (208) 640-1620
for more information and prices.

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Silicon pressure intensifier